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Application for Grant Funding
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Applicant's Name
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Give a brief description of your organization and the nature of its work:
Give a brief summary of your organization's achievements: (For new organizations)
Describe the program/project for which your organization is seeking funding, including:
The title of your program/project;
The purpose of the program/project and the community benefits expected;
The amount requested;
Your budget for the program/project;
Whether you have pursued or are pursuing funding from other organizations and, if so, the amounts thereof;
Please use this space if further explanation is needed regarding any of the preceding items.
Note: Please attach a copy of your IRS Tax Exemption Letter
Grant Making Application Considerations
1. The Toledo Law Association considers projects:
a. To enhance a law library for use by Judges, public officials, the bar and members of the general public; b. To promote improvement of the law, our legal system, and the administration of justice; c. To educate the public on legal issues; d. To reach out to pro se litigants; e. To promote fair justice; and f. Any other lawful activity projects for which non-profit corporations may be formed under Sections 1702.01 et seq of the Ohio Revised Code, including the power to contract, rent, buy, or sell personal or real property except activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.
2. Requests to purchase office equipment and furnishings or to fund ongoing program expenses are generally not reviewed favorably.
3. Applications for grant consideration, along with supporting documentation, are to be submitted no later than October 1 in order to be considered for grant awards to be issued in the following calendar year.


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