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Lucas County Law Library 24/7 Access Agreement
, a member in good standing of the Lucas County Law Library,
hereby request access to the library after hours (24/7 access). I understand that access to the law library after hours is intended for legal research. If I choose to meet with clients in the library after hours, I understand that I do so at my own risk as there is no court security or employees present, and that I am responsible for anything that I and/or my clients do in the library, including any damages to library property and/or materials.
• I must use the after-hours sign in sheet upon arrival
• I will not bring any food or drink into the computer room
• I will clean up after myself
• I will not attempt to force entry into restricted areas of the library
• I will use the designated computer to check out any permissible materials if I wish to take them with me. NO materials may leave the library without being checked out!
• I will not leave my personal belongings behind in the library
• I will not sleep in the library
• I will not share my access codes with anyone else
• I will make sure the door latches behind me when I leave (Please double check as occasionally it does not latch!)
I understand that failure to follow the rules will result in the loss of 24/7 access privileges.
Date : 06/23/2024


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